This Mother's Day, who is the mom you're letting forget she's beautiful?

This Mother's Day, who is the mom you're letting forget she's beautiful?

On so many days-that mom was me.

When we sign up for becoming moms we don't sign out of being women. But then the chores. The changes in our body. The heels we swore we would wear again in 3 months and have been in the closet for a year (or 6).

I remember looking at the melasma marks on my face and my non-fitting skinny jeans and feeling like the woman I was had vanished under tons of laundry and all that extra weight that wasn't going anywhere. At that poing, if I was asked at Dove's research, I wouldn't describe myself as beautiful. Sadly, it looks like 96% of women wouldn't, either.

Do you know what that can do to you? 

You walk around feeling less than. You're not buying that beautiful dress because you'll get it when you hit the right size. You feel weird when you receive a compliment.

It took me some time to embrace my reflection in the mirror. To realize all this change had brought my little miracle in this world-and yes, my life and my body would never be the same again for ALL the right reasons. To accept the fact that loving myself and caring for myself didn't mean refusing to change-it meant starting change from a place of love.

Every mom, every woman has the right to feel gorgeous JUST as she is. 

Almost 10 years later, as a jewelry designer, I felt called to give every mom a visual reminder, 3 words to anchor to: Mom, Goddess, Gorgeous.

I designed our Mom Celebration Bracelet and Stacks based on these words and keeping in mind the attributes I was looking for:

  • An element made by hand: I decided for it to be a flower. We can bloom in motherhood to our full potential.
  • Rose Quartz and Freshwater Pearl: both connected to nurturing, self-love and unconditional love.
  • An evil eye. My Greek culture comes strong here as we consider them necessary for moms and kids equally-bad energy repellers. You can't beat tradition.
  • And color. I leave it to you but I always recommend the colorful letter beads that spark pure joy. When I create these stacks, I always look at a photo of Santorini and anchor to my memories of this beautiful island.

A bracelet that's all about moms can't ignore the moms that are in need. I decided to have these beauties give back 30% to In Kind Boxes, a volunteer run not for profit organization helping new moms in need. The founder, Maria, is the sweetest soul and you can find more about her and her cause in this short interview.

Ever since we launched them, these bracelets have sparked smiles.

In a month, they made

And I got really sentimental reading the review of Glenda in Mommies Reviews. She's a local blogger, describing how her grey Mom Celebration stack empowered her, on a day she was feeling under the weather. Among others, she writes : " I can hear both Charlie and Suzzane telling me to give her this bracelet so she always remembers someone LOVES her and is thinking about her"...

Read the full review here.

These bracelets will be a staple on our website. They make a great, heartfelt gift for yourself or a mom, a gift that gives back. Gift them on Mother's Day or in a baby shower-they're guaranteed to crack a smile, a keepsake to cherish for years to come.

Customize them in color and size or add your special message...your call!

Why let a mom go to sleep without knowing she's beautiful, when you can gift her a visual reminder of who she really is- a Goddess- and give back?

To order our Mom Celebration Bracelet and Stacks, please email us or send us a DM on Instagram and we'll create a custom order for you.



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