Anatomy Of A Bracelet Design

Anatomy Of A Bracelet Design

"Don't stop the hustle".

That voice in my head-commanding that I spend every minute grinding, pursuing, doing in order to grow.

But growth to me is more that hustling.

So yes, I want to hustle, but with heart. For the things my heart is calling me not some outside measure of success. Attuned to the beat of my heart so that I also know when to stop 



In a state of flow, growth is exponential. After all, you hustle to put the seeds in fertile soil and bring them water, but when the sunlight does its magic-that's pure flow.

And when I part hustle and part flow I don't just grow. I also nurture and amplify my glow, like a Goddess.

All these thoughts became a visual reminder on my wrist-a bracelet.

Pairing first the words and colors

  • Blue beads left and right of the word "hustle", the masculin energy
  • Blush pink left and right of the feminine energy of "flow"
  • Grey-always in fashion-for the "glow"

Then bringing in the amulets and gemstone to enhance the message

  • Our Goddess amulet between the hustle and glow
  • A gold tone heart in between the hustle and flow
  • Rose quartz for self-care and nurturing true love in between the flow and the glow

I wanted this bracelet to serve more women than me alone. So we're bringing it to you.

It gives back 30% to In Kind Boxes, a volunteer run not for profit that's helping postpartum moms in need with mom and baby care essentials.

Give yourself or your besties a gift that gives back and if you want any customization in color or message let me know. Everything is handcrafted to order- I'll do my best to serve you. 

To order the Hustle Flow Glow bracelet please send us an email or DM us on Instagram and we'll create a custom order for you. 

XOXO, Vicky

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