Fashion is more than meets the eye-With Nicole Hinchman

Brunette with braided hairdo on one side, wearing a blue and white outfit with blue, white and gold dramatic Next Door Goddess feather earrings and holding handpainted blue evil eye bag by Miami artist Anca Barbu that is sold in Tina Demel Boutique

Nicole Hinchman is the creative influencer behind the brand Hinchology.

Her intriguing and mesmerizing outfits caught my attention next to the name of her brand...Did you know that -ology is an ancient Greek derived suffix? 

But I soon discovered that Nicole was so much more than your average fashion influencer.

An Art teacher for almost 19 years (to 4 years old all the way up to 12 years old), a mom of a teenager, a wife to her love, a woman with an amazing vision to make this world a better place...

Let's get to know her better!


-Nicole hi! I'm thrilled to have you here! Can you tell us a few things about Hinchology and how it came to life?

Hinchology came to life about 4 or 5 years ago as an idea to create a blog!! Some of my friends were so excited about the name and idea to be the study of my style. 

My father dying is what propelled Hinchology into motion!!  I thought about how he had spent the last day living doing what he loved!!

I asked myself if I myself was doing EVERYTHING I love! That was when Hinchology really began, almost 2 years ago!


-We now see a thriving, supportive and kind community, but that didn’t happen overnight. What was your approach to building it?

Creating a community on social media means to be social!!! Hence the name Social!!

LOL had to. You have to put yourself out there!! To be kind and complimentary. The biggest and most important is to be honest with your community!!  


-Will you share with us your 5-year dream about Hinchology?

 To grow it into the Nr. 1 Fashion House that is giving back and is led by me and my vision for it.

I specifically want to help children in need, especially kids with serious heatlh problems. My heart is always with the kids as a teacher, and I can’t imagine not finding a way to empower and support these beautiful souls.

I also support other brands that are giving back-they have my heart.


-What is fashion to you and how do you interpret it into your personal style?

 Fashion is an avenue for expression that should include everyone, equally. A fun way for us to come together! 

Fashion is the means to create your style!! It suggests how to use a piece, it's up to us to make it style!

Style is giving a garment life! I love pairing higher and lower priced items so long as the design and quality is there-it's more fun!


 -Fashion and inclusion…How do we make it happen? 

Being inclusive to me is celebrating all fashionistas out there. No matter their age, race or sex. 

Everyone is part of's your style that will stand out among the rest!  Having movements with black lives matter and other influencers is how more knowledge will be gained. 

People want the change, we just need to have the right outlets to share that passion!


-Here at Next Door Goddess, we believe that every woman has the right to bring out her beauty and feel gorgeous. What are your everyday rituals to bring your inner Goddess out?

My everyday ritual is to be kind to myself!

Affirmations that I am enough, I am needed and am good!! This allows me to wear what puts a smile on my face!

It reminds me that my long term goals for Hinchology are needed and are beneficial in this world. 

Lastly I remind myself to continue to be kind, this always creates a positive space to grow and learn any day of the week!


-Do you have a favorite Next Door Goddess piece and how does it make you feel when you have it on?

My favorite Next Door Goddess piece is of course the amazing blue, white and gold larger than life Greek evil eye feathered earrings!!

They make me feel unstoppable!!!

Like body armor keeping me positive and warding off anything that takes from that positive vibe!


Thank you SO MUCH for being here with us, Nicole, and taking us a bit behind the scenes.

And I also want to thank you for supporting us by featuring our Mom Celebration Bracelets that give back and empower US moms in need!

I stongly suggest that you follow Nicole on social media and get on her email list so that you don't miss out on her value-packed blog posts.

She's all about developing a distinct style that will turn heads and make you unstoppable-and that's something I always stand up for!

Follow Nicole on:

Instagram: @hinchology

Facebook: @hinchology

Tik Tok: @hinchology

And check out her blog: Hinchology

Craving Nicole's mindblowing earrings? Thay're made to order and can be customized.

And YES, they can be made vegan.

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