Unleash the Goddess Within
Love Making the Right Statement?

Understated and assembly line jewelry may look fabulous on other women, but your style is eclectic, bold and vibrant.

You were born to stand out.

Handmade in Texas with Love and Greek vibes

We specialize in bold combinations of eclectic elements we source around the world- and primarily in Greece.

Infuse your life with the energy of blue skies, crystal waters, and smiling people-the Mediterranean sunshine state of mind!


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What everyone is saying

The message behind your jewelry was one of the things that inspired me to go forward with publishing my first ever poetry collection. I love how I feel when I wear them, I believe every woman deserves to feel that way.


I love it when they ask me where I got my bracelets from and I answer that they’re one of a kind. I love wearing pieces that are exclusive to me!


I just can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so that I can go out and show off my amazing Next Door Goddess jewelry! I feel gorgeous and  pampered!