Mediterranean Inspired Boholuxe Jewelry

Unleash your inner Goddess

Greek Goddess Vibes

Elevate your bohochic style with Mediterranean energy, Grecian flair and the most exquisite of elements.

In the era of mass production, we offer you pieces crocheted by hand to shimmering perfection. Our stunning artisanal jewelry is created in small batches and only in our best mood.

Radiate confidence
Style is Self-Expression

We design for the woman who reflects her vibrant, eclectic, and radiant spirit in her outfits.

Does your style crave jewelry that exudes confidence and stands out?

You were born to shine

Lightweight & Bold

You love big earrings; droopy earlobes, not so much. Our hand crocheted earrings are lightweight for their size-you will forget you have them on!

As Seen In

What everyone is saying

When I wear my Next Door Goddess earrings I feel different.

Empowered, gorgeous, absolutely fabulous. It's a magical feeling.


My Next Door Goddess jewelry was one of the things that inspired me to publish my first poetry collection.

I love how I feel when I wear it. I believe every woman deserves to feel that way.


I love it when they ask me about my bracelets and I answer that they’re one of a kind.

It feels amazing to wear something nobody else has!


I just can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so that I can go out and show off my amazing Next Door Goddess jewelry!

I feel gorgeous and  pampered!

Sparkle And Make A Difference
We believe in the sparkle of motherhood, so we donate a percentage of all sales to In Kind Boxes. With every purchase, you support postpartum moms and babies in need in the USA.