Yes, we get it:

Life's too short for understated. Too short for hiding behind the curtain. Too short for jewelry that don't deliver Goddess vibes.

You celebrate life shining your light and feeling fabulous.

And you aim for more than just remarkable. 

You crave unforgettable style. At Next Door Goddess, we deliver. 

We celebrate your beauty and bring it out with fabulous, vivacious jewelry handcrafted in small batches.

So here’s our promise:

Our designs help you express your spirit through your style. They help you unleash the vibrant Goddess within: Fabulous. Vivacious. Totally Unforgettable. 

Rooted in Feminine Confidence.

Our eclectic elements are handpicked by small business owners we know by first name. Most of them are based in Greece. 

Amulets, gemstones, threads, and sparkling crystals travel to TX, where we crochet and create your jewelry ONLY in our best mood!

Vibe with the sun.

The sea. The sky. The colors. The food. The landscape.

Everywhere you go-bring a ray of Mediterranean sunshine with you.

3 photos side by side of a brunette wearing a white bikini, eating oysters and salad and drinking ouzo next to the sea in Greece wearing a bracelet and necklace in golden tones

You were born a Goddess.

You deserve jewelry that makes you feel like one!

Explore our collections and our 15-day Happiness Guarantee

And infuse your life with vivaciousness, beauty and unforgettable style!

Meet the designer, Vicky, in the video below: