Frequently Asked Questions

Everything is made to order by a mom of 3 so please allow me a 1-2 week period to make your jewelry. Remember that I never touch the beads when I am stressed or not feeling happy, excited and energized. This way, I make sure that only good vibes are on your goodies (and you will feel them!). Shipping time will depend on the method you choose, but to my experience everything has been seeing Covid-19 related delays lately...Sorry for that :(

Necklaces may have an extender chain or sliding macrame closure for extra length. If you need it to be longer that stated, please reach out BEFORE you make a purchase.

Regarding original length, grab a measuring tape, wrap it around your neck and find the measurement given in description on the tape. It’s the best way to figure out where a necklace will fall on you, since not all body and neck shapes are the same. Again, if you need any changes please contact us BEFORE you make a purchase :)

I choose to work with metal elements that will change over time in appearance. They will sooner or later develop a patina and this has to do with your body’s chemistry and the way they have fit into your life. They may no longer be shiny but they will have character and they will still look beautiful, only in a different way and you will still love them for what they are and the moments you have spent together. I want this to be a constant reminder to every woman wearing my designs, that as we grow our looks will naturally change but we can still be gorgeous and our spirit can still be young and thirsty for life. We have the right to feel like Goddesses and be loved every step of the way JUST as we are.

Your pieces will need some TLC so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. Please find more on how to take care of your fashion jewelry in the card you received with your piece and in this article on our blog here. But you also have to remember that your skin may interact with jewelry in its own unique way making the oxidation process faster than usual.

I have never had this happen with a customer yet I know that this is a result of a chemical reaction between your body and the jewelry and as such I can’t exclude it 100%. This usually happens with pieces that have elements that contain copper, especially when the outer protective layer has been worn out by water, sweat or sprays. Please remember that this skin discoloration is not permanent or harmful. If it happens please reach out so that we can discuss this and if possible find a solution.

Some of the metal parts may contain traces of these metals unless differently stated, especially when reclaimed and vintage elements have been used in a design. This is one of the reasons why I ask you to keep your jewelry out of your mouth and away from the reach of children. Our earring posts are stated by our vendors as lead and nickel free.

Our earring posts are nickel free-nickel is the primary reason for allergic reactions to jewelry. However, if you have known allergies or have had an allergic reaction to fashion jewelry before, please reach out BEFORE you make a purchase.

Our earrings are designed for pierced ears but most of the times I can make the same design for ears that are not pierced for you at the same or a slightly higher price-please reach out BEFORE you make a purchase to make sure this is doable.

Our bracelets will fit a medium sized woman’s wrist. If your wrist is smaller or bigger than that please reach out BEFORE you make a purchase so that I can customize your favorite design.

I’m happy you asked! Some of them I make by myself, some I source globally either online or (mostly) during my travels and most of them I source from my home country, Greece. I have my favorite vendors in Athens, Thessaloniki and Trikala and I choose to buy from them for 3 reasons. 1. I really love their beads and the energy they carry 2. They treat their employees in a fair way and their employees-who touch my beads are happy and positive people that I am glad to call my friends and 3. This is my way to help my home country, Greece, in this deep fiscal crisis that has hit my people really hard.

My jewelry is happily, ethically and mindfully handmade in Texas, right outside of Dallas

For the most part I have been self-taught back in the years when I didn’t have a computer and YouTube tutorials were not a thing. Later, I took lessons both in Greece with my first mentor, the award-winning jewelry designer Maria Ntova, and internationally through the jewelry design accredited course of New York Institute of Art and Design and several other shorter courses. My designs are backed up by my studies but there’s a big intuitive part that stems from my inspiration and my intention to make the woman that will wear them feel like a Goddess on the inside and radiate it on the outside.

While it has never been my intention to compete on price, I can assure you that my jewelry is not overpriced for what it is. I make jewelry either unique to you or in very small batches, which means I can’t have the large scale economies of mass production lower prices. I only touch the beads when I’m happy which means I can actually make less pieces in a month, and this makes my pieces special. I source many of the elements I use in Greece and this is what gives my pieces the happy energy they exude. I use high quality hand-picked items and last but not least I don’t produce overseas. Everything is made by hand in TX and I want to ensure that I can keep production in the States even when my company has grown to the point where I will need to hire help. I want to pay my employees and myself a fair, viable wage and this reflects on my pricing.

We do everything we can to make sure your goodies reach you in optimal condition, however bad things can happen and human hands can make mistakes. If you’re not hands over heels in love when you open the box, please snap a photo of your piece and shoot me an email or reach out through our contact form and I’ll make it right for you before you say Goddess. Guaranteed.

I don’t create jewelry destined to live in a drawer and I don’t believe you should buy such jewelry either. That’s why everything is covered by a 15 day Ironclad Money Back Happiness Guarantee. Just shoot us an email or reach out through our contact form and we'll send you a return label. Return your piece in its original condition and packaging -upon receipt we’ll either refund you in full or give you in store credit-whatever’s your preference. Important: keep your postage receipt until we have received your piece. In case it gets lost and we never get it back we’ll figure something out to make you happy but sadly in this case we can’t issue a refund in full. Please note. Return shipping is covered by you and we don’t refund the original shipping costs, unless you bought your piece with free shipping and free returns. But if you decide to buy something else from our store instead of getting a refund we’ll ship it to you for free :)

Please reach out and I will be happy to make more if the elements involved are available. If not, we can discuss about tweaking that design to something similar, that I can make more of.

I do custom work very selectively. Please reach out through our contact form and we can hop on a call where I can explain the process and we can see if we’re a good fit for one another.