Have you ever felt you’re not enough?

Unforgettable, extraordinary, vibrant.

Those are the words that set my soul on fire, the way I've always wanted to feel.

But there was a little voice in my head. 

It kept saying “you’re not enough”. It kept stopping me from showing up in life with confidence.

If you’re like me, in the past you’ve compared yourself to unreachable standards at one point or another, to the detriment of your confidence.

But we both know that comparisons are unnecessary-and wrong. They're a mind trap.

We deserve to feel sensational every step of the way, JUST as we are, and I founded Next Door Goddess to help women like you and I bring out the confident, bold Goddess that already dwells within us.

Hi, I’m Vicky, the founder of Next Door Goddess.

My journey began with my own powerful experience of instant transformation through clothing and accessories.

I discovered that they could help me change the way I feel, so that I could overcome my limiting beliefs, take the stage and lead. You can read that story here.

Years down the line, the power of style stayed with me and led me to turn my lifelong passion of designing jewelry into a company, devoted to empowering women like you and I express on the outside the vibrant, vivacious, powerful Goddesses we are on the inside. 

My designs have since helped many women revive the Goddess within and I am sure that they can do it for you, too.

Our Mission

Next Door Goddess is here to take your style from remarkable to unforgettable.

We aspire to inspire you to infuse your life with confidence, femininity, beauty, and a vivacious spirit.

A piece of Greece on you

We source globally, but primarily in small local Greek businesses, to bring some Grecian spice to your outfits.

Greek women are known for their confidence, passion and spark. They love feeling phenomenal and we believe you deserve to feel the same way.

So take a look at our designs, pick your favorite and make yourself or a friend a gift to bring out the part of you that's simply irresistible!

Let's bring out the radiant Goddess within YOU!