Extraordinary, vibrant.

That's the way I was longing to feel. But my insecurities kept whispering: “Play it safe. Blend in”.

And I was listening.

I was dulling my sparkle.

One day I found that looking my best was a quick way to lift my spirits up and build my confidence from the outside in, while I was working on my inner game.

Today I know there's a Goddess in each of us- and she deserves to come out. We deserve to celebrate our beauty and feel fabulous, every step of the way- starting with what we wear.

Our outfit conveys a message before we even say a word. It speaks to others and, most importantly, to US. Take a moment to consider:

What does my outfit say?

What energy does it deliver- outside and in?

Hi, I’m Vicky, and I design your jewelry.

My passion story began in the 90s, as I was exploring my artistic side in my mom's basement in Greece.

Once I started, I was so mesmerized that I couldn't let go...So I kept collecting beads and designing jewelry as a hobby on the side of my medical career.

Then one day I experienced the transformative power of my creations. I saw how the right outfit could change the way I see myself and empower me to step up in life.

That day, my life changed forever.

You can read that story here.

My discovery stayed with me and helped me realize my designs were more than "pretty things to wear".

My jewelry was a powerful instant tranformation I could share with other women around me.

Years down the line, when we immigrated to the Sates, this realization fueled my desire to start building Next Door Goddess alongside my husband, Dimitrios.

Our Mission

At Next Door Goddess, we help women look as vibrant on the outside as they feel on the inside.

We do it with exquisite, limited edition, handmade statement jewelry that turns a little black dress, or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, into a stylish outfit that stands out and radiates Goddess vibes.

Because a woman who feels fabulous when she looks in her mirror can take on the world.

Smells like Greek spirit...

Greek women are full of confidence, passion, and spark. They love feeling-and looking- phenomenal.

It's easy to infuse your outfits with this joyful Mediterranean spice: Immerse in my design aesthetic, inspired by the Greek landscape, lifestyle and culture I was brought up in.

Every single piece is created by hand with good vibes and one intention: Bring out the Goddess within.

Many of my designs are crocheted by hand-a traditional technique I learned in elementary school and have loved ever since for the lightweight, impressive pieces of jewelry it yields.

I crochet with non-traditional threads I seek overseas. I prioritize durability and sparkle in my materials and design- this is why our pieces don't look like the rest.

I invite you to browse our website, grab your favorite jewelry, and bring out the irresistible, unforgettable, stunning YOU!

Step into your radiant Goddess version