Have you ever felt less than?

Unforgettable, extraordinary, vibrant.

That's the way I've always wanted to feel.

But a voice in my head kept whispering “you’re not enough”.

It kept smashing my confidence.

Did you ever compare yourself to the perfect image on the magazine cover? I remember looking at those girls and always feeling less than.

It took me years to realize how unnecessary-and wrong it was. To see that comparison was nothing but a mind trap stealing my joy.

When I escaped, it was clear: we deserve to feel gorgeous every step of the way, JUST as we are. There's a Goddess in each of us- my designs are here to bring her out.

Hi, I’m Vicky, the co-founder of Next Door Goddess.

I was a doctor when I got first hand experience of how an outfit can empower you to take the stage and lead. You can read that story here.

Years down the line, that discovery stayed with me, and led me to this company. Designing jewelry has been my lifelong passion. Now it's devoted to helping women like you and I express on the outside our vivacious spirit, and feel fabulous.  

My designs have helped many women unleash their inner Goddess-and I'm sure they'll do it for you, too.

Our Mission

Next Door Goddess is here to take your style from remarkable to unforgettable.

Let's infuse our lives with the confidence, femininity and beauty our vivacious spirit craves!

A piece of Greece on you

We source elements globally, but small businesses in Greece are our favorites. Greek women are full of confidence, passion and spark. They love feeling phenomenal, and you deserve to feel the same way.

Let's bring that Mediterranean spice on- are you game?

All it takes is looking at our designs and picking your favorite. Grab it, bring out the irresistible YOU-and don't forget your besties!

Let's bring out the radiant Goddess within YOU!