Confidence is...

Confidence is...

I should have expected the question:

What is confidence?

I stopped for a while, trying to find the right words. Expressing yourself in a language that's not your native one, can be tricky. 

In the end, I tapped into it-the essense of confidence to me. 

Confidence is when you're faced with a challenge and you know you've got it, you can do this-or, if you can't in the moment, you can build yourself up to where you need to be to face it.

It's a muscle I work on daily-after all, so many things are out to get me:

  • The daily confrontation with things I should be doing but don't know how to do yet=entrepreneur life.
  • The dresses that refuse to fit me.
  • The cookies. Especially the cookies.

Confidence shines from the inside out but what's on the outside also reflects within.

When I take care of how I look, when I put on my red lisptick and my statement colorful jewelry the sun shines a bit brighter. It boosts my productivity, it helps me push through, it helps me feel better.

And when I feel better, I am a better mom. A better friend. A better version of me. They call it dopamine dressing for a reason-and in my case, it works.

Does it work for you, too?

Check out the rest of our conversation with Bronte 

We went over

  • Handling challenges and fear during major life shifts
  • Building up confidence
  • Favorite books and quotes
  • Living life outside of the squares
  • The impact of jewelry on how you feel 
  • And much more

You can find it on episode 31 of the Confidence Connection Show

May we live energized and inspired, we only get each moment once...





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