8 small USA-based businesses with Greek heart you can explore online

8 small USA-based businesses with Greek heart you can explore online

Does the word "Greece" make your heart skip a beat?

Then you're in the right place.

As a Greek immigrant in the States, and small business owner myself, I have constantly been looking for other small businesses online that make me feel like home, and are based in the States.

From gifting to shopping, here are 8 of my favorite ones, where you will find unique items with the taste and aroma of Greece, and Mediterranean sunshine.


This sweet entrepreneurial mom-daughter duo, Elizabeth and Maria, brings a taste of Greece to the USA since 2002.

From small ceramics and fridge magnets to runners, pillow cases and seasonal decorations, they run a well curated collection of Greek made items all year round.

I'm a proud owner of many of these gems-and they are a fantastic gift too!

All items ship free in the USA-and for a small added cost you can have them gift-wrapped!

Find So Blue here


Greek in the Box is mostly known for its podcast, bringing the experiences of Greek diaspora to light.

But they have merch, too!

Antonis, the podcast host, curates and designs a very interesting collection of items inspired by the experience of being a Greek abroad, like t-shirts, mugs and notebooks.

A perfect gift for your Greek immigrant and Greek-American friends- especially Greek men, but women as well. I recently gifted the notebook to my friend Anastasia and she's in love with it. 

Find the merch here


Greek inspired fun and evil eyes on board!

Missing those cool finds and Greek island vibes?

Shop Filakia just launched their collection of activewear, yoga mats and evil eye  accessories alongside other favorite patterns such as the hamsa hand and signs of the zodiac.

My favorite find are the sparkly handmade keychains and their evil eye pouches and fridge magnets. Evil eye charms for the win ;)

Find their fun evil eye tank tops, keychains, underwear and more here


Eleftheria, the owner behind the brand, leverages the power of wild harvested Greek superherbs to nourish your body, mind and soul.

In collaboration with Harvard researchers, she developed adaptogenic loose leaf herbal tea blends that can be consumed cold or hot so that you can enjoy them all year round.

Got a custom need? Reach out to Eleftheria on Instagram and she can develop a blend just for you (Yours Truly did that too).

You can find these exquisite tea blends here

5. OPA-cize

A fitness class where I can dance myself happy to Greek music, burn fat and get my endorphine boost? YES, PLEASE!

OPA-cize is available in many coutries, both on site and online, also providing certification to trainers-you can find their website here

My personal preference is online training with Kelly, an instructor I found through Social Media. Her instructions are in English, her choreography is easy to follow, even for newbies, and her smile and energy is infectious-highly recommended!

Interested in trying it out? Online classes are every Tuesday 7pm EST. You can reach out to Kelly on Instagram here


 Debbie Matenopoulos founded Ikaria Beauty to help women live in their best skin- especially those with sensitive skin like hers.

The brand's clean formulas utilize cutting-edge formulation science and natural ingredients inspired by Debbie's Greek heritage, to achieve radical results without irritating sensitive skin.

From the Αgeless Βeauty Βalm (a personal staple) to the Antioxidant Glow Facial Mist you can find them all here


If you've been in Greece and you're a coffee aficionado then you know we Greeks love our coffee.

From exquisite blends to baristas meticulously trained, whoever makes the coffee we love has a piece of our heart.

Nasos of Yiayias Coffee knows the Art of Great Coffee and brings you the best coffee beans in fresh bundles of caffeine joy. Enjoy responsibly-(my latest favorite aroma is Bourbon). 

Find your next favorite coffee aroma here



Julie bought an almost 100-year old printing press back in 2010 to celebrate the spirit of Greece through her printed designs, wondering "If she'd ever make her money back".

13 years after, Cartoules Press is a trusted source of stationery, greeting cards, and other printed goods that speak to every Greek heart out there.

Got a Greek friend that has a birthday coming? You should wish them to "Live to a 100" and yes, Julie has cards like that!

Find your Greek-perfect stationery, design and prints here

Loved bringing these small businesses to your attention! (Let me know if you ordered something and loved it.)

Looking for jewelry that brings Greek spirit to your USA lifestyle? Our collections are here to serve you!






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