10 plus 1 surprising holiday gift ideas she will love.

10 plus 1 surprising holiday gift ideas she will love.

The Holidays are upon us, you can feel it in the air-everywhere you look around.

Just like that, the gifting season is on...and so is the hunt for something fresh and different.

Are you looking for something unexpected that will swoon that special bestie?

We curated a list of 10 out of the box gift ideas to help boost your creative gifting mojo. And check nr 11 for the most EPIC packaging solution that's guaranteed to wow her.

P.S. While reading this... don't forget you're on the nice list, too ;) 

FULL DISCLOSURE- I am not an affiliate of any kind but I DO have a thing for small businesses like mine that I love, owned by women.




If this is on her bucket list:


Planning this with kids in the picture = a different story.

Gift her some peace of mind.

MANGO TREE TRAVEL is a small mom-owned business offering excellent planning services for hustle-free family travel and guaranteed mom relaxation in the Caribbean.

In-budget family vacation planned by moms for moms...Does this sound like a dream? Lee, the founder on Mango Tree Travel, has got you covered.

Have your bestie set her budget and trust Mango Tree Travel to take care of the rest.

Check them out here




Do you have a friend that goes through life frustrated because she can't find anything in her bag?

MARCHER is here to help her.

The brand is commited to creating by hand gorgeous, functional bags that help women be stylish, organized and chic. Bonus points for their sustainable practices. 

The bag above is Kristen.

The perfect bag for travel with pockets for everything- a great size to slip inside your bigger bag, too. This convertible bag comes with a choice of 4 different straps (please note that the straps are purchased individually)

Check her out here




While a money tree in the back yard is #wishgoals...

We can build abundance from where we already stand by making the right money moves. 

Does getting a "financial checkup" and setting up a sustainable, personalized roadmap to wealth sound like a good idea?

Then consider this gift for you:

Alissa Krasner Maizes of "Amplify My Wealth", is a registered investment advisor and attorney.

She is passionate about helping women curate a personalized financial plan with fiduciary fee-only advice, a personalized financial plan, and guidance on their journey.

She will meet you wherever you are on your journey, regardless of your net worth or income, and help you nail those money goals.

Are you ready? 

Book a free consultation to see how Alissa can help you here




Here's to the gift that will never fail you-and a personal skincare favorite:

The Enchanted Under Eye Oil For Wrinkles and Dark Circles by Blyssen.

Mandi Duong started developing her own clean skincare, out of frustration with what she was seeing available on the market.

She founded Blyssen so that every mama could amplify her glow with easy to follow, sustainable, clean skincare routines and products made by hand, based on the most fresh and clean organic ingredients she could find out there.

The Enchanted Under Eye oil is the cure to your dark circles, first fine lines and tired looking eyes. All you need is a few drops a day and a couple of weeks-give it some time, the results will thrill you.

And yes, if you want more you can use it under your eye cream. Consider this oil the essential foundation of care for the fragile skin around your eyes.

Please note: The small size will last you more than a month.

Check out this best-selling oil here




POV: You're on a budget, and she has it all. What do you get her?

There are some things money can't buy. Show her your love by curating a personalized gift that can tell a colorful, playful story from Cre8ive Crayonz.

Susan and Jessie is the sweet mama-daughter duo that will curate, package and send your way the most amazing custom crayons gift.

Don't hesitate to reach out for custom crayon gift sets, like this one:

A set of a heart, a moon, 3 stars and the earth.

Then you can add a handwritten card that tells a little story. Something like: "I love you to the moon and back- you're a star! Take the crayons and paint your moments with the colors of your dreams. You deserve the best!"

How special would a gift like that feel?

Get cre8ive gift options here




She's a mom hustling to get her business off the ground in between drop-off and pick-up.

She might feel lonely, and from time to time a litle lost. Entrepreneurship is not a journey for the faint at heart but she doesn't need to do it alone.

Is she your friend- or you?

Every mompreneur can have the gift of community, with Hustle Like A Mom.

Pamela Pekerman was awaken through motherhood to the realization that her lofty aspirations of her 20s were no longer serving her life goals in her 30s.

A mama of 2, loving wife, mentor, business coach, and messaging queen-Pamela realized that she could streamline her new passions and goals in a viable, sustainable system that allowed her to align her personal and professional aspirations, grow her business without burning out, and enjoy life with her family as her soul was calling her to.

She founded the HUSTLE LIKE A MOM INNER CIRCLE  to help other mompreneurs do the same in a safe, supportive, non-judgemental micro-environment, a community where we could all learn, grow and flourish together. 

Join as a founding member while you still can, here




She's stylish and chic, with an active lifestyle and a full schedule.

From the pilates session to a coffee with friends, she craves a capsule wardrobe that will fulfill her need to move without sacrificing her looks.

She's looking for that perfect pair of leggings she can wear with high heels and yoga socks all the same, that will flaunt her curves without revealing her underwear or suffocating her.

It's no longer elusive. This year, you can gift her that dreamy atheisure garment, designed and sewn by hand in NY with eco-conscious materials:

The Destination Legging by When and Where

The Destination Legging is travel-friendly. Lightweight and easy to pack, it comes in three colors and inclusive sizing, and can be complemented with the matching top and completer, for a look you can sport Any-time Any-where.

Elevate her athleisure moments with a touch of luxury.

Shop the Destination Legging here



She's that woman with the kind smile and the big, loving heart you can't get enough of.

She's all about volunteering and fundraising and will raise her hand for every charity event she can attend.

For this special lady in your life, pick a gift that makes a differece:

Make a donation in her name to a not for profit. There's no better way to celebrate the light she brings into this world. And while there are so many amazing not for profit organizations out there, I can't help but suggest my favorite:

In Kind Boxes is a 501(c)3 volunteer run not for profit organization founded by Maria Berglund.

Maria is on a mission to help postpartum moms in need in the USA feel supported, by curating boxes of high quality postpartum care essentials for them and their babies.

It takes a village-so come join us in being the village of support for these moms who need to feel seen and valued in this challenging phase of their lives.

Donate to In Kind Boxes here 




She's often seen around midnight in a gogeous dress and high heels holding a mysterious satin bag next to her normal one.

First thing she'll check out before she flies to a foreign city is the weather. The second one- if there is a milonga. Rumor has it she'll rent at the nearest hotel.

That little mystery bag carries a trophy-often acquired after of hours of research for the best shape, the most supportive heel, the most intricate design.

It carries a pair of her tango shoes.


Eye Dance Shoes is a small business founded in Plano, TX by an immigrant mom, Dilek Kaya.

Dee is a passionate tango dancer, and she knows the importance of the perfect pair of shoes: extra padding, supportive heel, exquisite design that stands out.

The brand carries shoes made by hand in Europe, by one of the most skilled shoe designer-makers in the world.

Many of the Eye Dance Shoes designs can be customised so that you can get your very own pair of tango shoes: custom heel, custom design and your color of preference.

Seeing something you love? Beware-leather styles are selling out fast, so don't wait too long! 

Not a dancer? Not a problem. These shoes have (or can be made with) a leather sole, making them perfect to walk in. Next time you're out for a pair of high heels consider getting one meant for tango, the good quality tango shoes are way more comfortable than the average heels ;) 

Shop your Eye Dance Shoes here




Charismatic. Vibrant. Passionate. She sets the stage on fire.

She's one of a kind-and so is her style. 

Her perfect gift? A pair of earrings.

Now, this can't be any pair. 

Her earrings need to frame her face beautifully- be bold, but not screaming. A touch of luxury, quality design, but not extravagant- so the main focus is on her words.

They need to be lightweight, and ideally a pair that can match many outfits, a perfect companion for those out of town events when she wants to pack light.

Our best-selling Olia earrings tick all these boxes, and then some.

They come in 2 colors- but we also take custom orders. And yes, there is a alternative with silver-tone posts.

They are inspired by Mediterranean lifestyle and landscape. Yours Truly is crocheting these beauties by hand in Plano TX with elements sourced by small businesses worldwide-and primarily in Greece.

Like all of our designs, Olia gives back to In Kind Boxes so that you-or your bestie-can enjoy that feel good sparkle we're so proud of.

Ready to take your style on and off the stage to the next level?








Now that you nailed the perfect gift, elevate her gifting experience to a whole new level with this witty packaging solution, that will leave her clueless as to what the gift inside might be!

Disguise the Surprise is a small business redefining the perfect gift by offering a revolutionary approach to the unboxing experience.

What looks on the outside like the same old shirt box, is securely divided on the inside to host your one-or many- gifts to her.

Have a blast watching the polite "Thank you so much" turn to a "Wow you got me!" exclamation and facial expression in the opening of a package?


Uplift your gift and Disguise The Surprise here:

Your turn, now!

What's the best gift you've ever been given and the most interesting one you've ever gifted?

Leave me a comment below-I'd love to know!



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