Mom Celebration Giving Back Bracelet-Single
Mom Celebration Giving Back Bracelet-Single

Mom Celebration Giving Back Bracelet-Single

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Bring out the Goddess within your mom or yourself and pass on the empowering message that a woman can radiate confidence and stay unforgettable just by being herself to the max.

Dove's research showed that only 4% of women would describe themselves as beautiful. Not feeling beautiful can be very taxing on a woman's confidence. It can spiral into a negative circle leading to sub-optimal life choices and even depression.

Moms are even more prone to that. Be it with age, changes in physique or simply lack of sleep and time for beauty routines, we often feel our beauty days are over.

Next Door Goddess  is on a mission to change this. We took a pledge to remind every glowing mom that she's a miraculous being, either she is bringing or nurturing life in this world. That she's still a woman- feminine, loving beautiful and vivacious: a Goddess.

That's why this year we introduce a bracelet that

  • Starts with one bracelet at $30, 3 bracelets for $60, 4 bracelets for $90
  • Reminds every mom that she is a Goddess and can feel like one in her own skin
  • Features a freshwater pearl and/or rose quartz bead (depending on design) to nurture grounding and true love
  • Evil eye bead for protection (must-have element in Greek culture)
  • Colorful letter beads to spark joy

But most importantly

  • Each bracelet or stack gives back 30% of each sale to a not for profit, In Kind Boxes, that helps new moms in need by giving them necessary products for them and their babies.

Our bracelets are made out of

  • Crystal cut glass beads sourced in Greece
  • Colorful acrylic letter beads
  • Faceted rose quartz/ Freshwater Pearl beads
  • Gold plated hardware
  • Handmade polymer clay charm

Please allow variation in colors-you can request a desired color before you order, we will come back to you with photos of different possible choices.

Would you like a specific color, like pink or blue? We have SO many available! Please contact us at with title MOM BRACELET COLOR and we'll take it on from there.

Help moms glow and help moms in need. We all deserve it!

Please note:

  • This is NOT a product intended for children use
  • Use it only where and as intended
  • Follow our care instructions