Hera Dramatic Multi-Strand Silver Necklace
Hera Dramatic Multi-Strand Silver Necklace
Hera Dramatic Multi-Strand Silver Necklace

Hera Dramatic Multi-Strand Silver Necklace

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Are you looking for that ONE necklace that will sparkle on you brighter than the stars in the midnight sky, and boost the style of your night look with a quality touch? 

Meet Hera-our branded multi-strand silver-tone necklace with crystal cut glass beads, ceramic elements, stunning focal side elements, and plated lava beads. 

The perfect accent to turn that little black dress into a stunning night outfit.

The lava rock is plated, giving it a luxurious silver look. These beads, coming from the center of the earth and thought to aid in manifesting your desired future and helping you recreate yourself...What are you co-creating, Goddess?

Stunning ceramic and glass beads are accompanying the lava beads in an endless dance of sparkle and shine.

And if you don't mind the plating of the lava stones getting weaker or peeling out (which will reveal the original luscious black color of lava) you can infuse them with your favorite essential oils. Double win!

Tap into the Goddess within just by looking at its Goddess amulets and keep your look sophisticated with a dramatic edge.

Here's what to expect:

  • Can be the focal point of any look-and the only jewelry you'll need
  • Will make a powerful impact
  • Will match many if not all of your outfits and transform them into stunning
  • One of a kind piece-never to be repeated
  • A piece of Greece on your neck

Made by hand in Dallas TX out of

  • Handpicked plated lava stones
  • Silver-tone side focal elements
  • Ceramic beads
  • Crystal cut glass beads
  • Glass beads
  • Acrylic beads
  • Magnetic clasp closure
  • Branded Next Door Goddess amulets
  • All elements coming from Greece

Please note:

  • This is NOT a product intended for children use or handling
  • Use it only where and as intended
  • Color-treated stones and plated elements may change in color
  • This necklace is on the heavier side and closes with a magnetic clasp
  • Follow our care instructions