Greek Love Bracelet Stack
Greek Love Bracelet Stack

Greek Love Bracelet Stack

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You wanna make an impression when you say "I love you"? Tell her you love her in Greek!

We've got you covered!

Our Greek Love Bracelet Stack includes 4 bracelets that are all about love in Greek. They write AGAPE, PATHOS, POTHOS, EROS.

Let me shed some light so that you REALLY know what you're talking about.

Agape is the word used for deep, unconditional love: from your spouse to your child, to a friend this is the universal Greek word that will unveil your true feelings. 

Pathos is the Greek word for passion...And you've got plenty of that for her, if you're here.

Pothos is the Greek word for lust...After all you crave her, and you want her to know it, right?

Eros (in ancient Greek or Erotas is modern) is what you feel when you're in love. The butteflies, the red cheeks, the heartbeat, the sweat..all that jazz.

So let her know how you feel while you whisper in her ear, word by word, meaning by meaning, and see the hair at the base of her neck rise ;)

Then put the bracelets on her wrist one by one, each with a kiss where she list expects it. Try the lobe of her ear, the inner part of her wrist, her fingertips...Get creative.

Keep the best for last for a passionate lover's kiss she will never forget. In lush red of versatile nude, this stack will get you unstuck on February the 14th and beyond!

What it's made of:

  • Crystal cut glass beads 
  • Letter beads
  • Gold plated brass discs

Please note:

  • Gold color on letter beads will flake off with time, especially if care instructions are not followed. However, the letters are engraved and you will be able to read them.
  • This is not a product for kids and can pose a danger so please keep away from the reach of children.
  • Do not put this product in your mouth or use it for other than its intended reason.
  • This product is made to fit a medium size wrist, for size customization please contact us.
  • Please follow our care instructions.