Golden Soulmate Black Stone Bracelet-Bracelet-Next Door Goddess

Golden Soulmate Black Stone Bracelet

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If you would pick one bracelet to spice up your look with a quality touch while calling the blessing of a soulmate-this would be it.

Meet Golden Black-our branded bracelet with golden accents and black matte onyx gemstones. 

Take a closer look, you'll see all beads are spaced with spacers except for 2.

This is to say, you always walk alone in life until you find your soulmate.

Be it a lover or a friend or both, a soulmate is our heart's deepest desire. We come into the world longing for connection and deep, true love.

This lean and clear design bracelet also features a geometric ancient Greece inspired gold plated element and gold plated cubes-the perfect match for all of the STEM girls out there!

Tap into the Goddess within just by looking at its amulet tag and keep your look sophisticated with a spicy edge.

Here's what to expect:

  • Can be the focal point of any stack
  • Will make an impact on your look even if worn on its own
  • Will match many if not all of your looks and give them a sophisticated edge
  • Black and gold-a dynamic duo
  • A piece of Greece on your wrist

Made by hand in Dallas TX out of

  • Handpicked stones that came from Greece
  • Black matte onyx
  • Ancient Greece inspired focal element
  • Branded Next Door Goddess amulet tag
  • Gold plated nickel free elements

Please note:

  • This is NOT a product intended for children use
  • Use it only where and as intended
  • Follow our care instructions