Are you the kind of woman that wants to be remembered?

I hope you answered “Heck Yes!”.
My name is Vicky-and I'm the creative visionary behind Next Door Goddess, a brand that believes in the power of True Beauty. It lies in YOU and it deserves to come out.
Statement jewelry, a red lipstick, clothes and accessories that catch the eye can get you center stage. Because if you’re like me, you don't enjoy staying quietly aside, hiding in the shadows.

Unforgettable, extraordinary, vibrant.

Those are the words that set your soul on fire, the way you want to feel, the legacy you want to leave behind. And there is a recipe to get you there: a confident smile and a spicy, outstanding style.
You deserve to feel sensational every step of the way, and Next Door Goddess is here to bring you colorful, sparkling jewelry that will magnetize the eye- a part of the game that WILL set you apart.
I decided to take the leap and embark on this company, envisioning it as a Tribe that has a mission-and it’s all about YOU.

Meet Vicky, the Next Door Goddess founder


Next Door Goddess is here to take you from beautiful to remarkable. We aspire to inspire you to blossom to your full potential with confidence, passion and style.
Our way of doing this, is our eye-catching accessories. They are here to serve the glamorous, bold and fabulous side of you. Because jewelry is all about bringing out your personality!
Our pieces will age by design
Our pieces are made from elements that will change over time in a way that is unique to YOU, your body and the way they have fit into your life. They will sooner or later develop a patina that gives them character and reflects our core beliefs:  
  • As we grow our looks will naturally change, yet our spirit has the power to remain the same-fresh, playful and thirsty for life.
  • We all are amazing, unique and phenomenal JUST as we are.
  • Life’s too short to let people or thoughts in that make us feel “less than”.
Join our Tribe and Celebrate True Beauty®, celebrate YOUR beauty and bring it out in any bold, loud and playful expression your heart desires!
Craving accessories to let your inner Goddess out? We've got you covered!


We see a radiant Goddess in YOU.
Sparkle and shine, luv.