Goddess In Black Earrings
Goddess In Black Earrings

Goddess In Black Earrings

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If you would pick one pair of earrings for a discreet yet dynamic look-this one would be it.

Meet Goddess In Black-our branded earrings with gorgeous black volcanic lava and gold-tone elements coming from Greece.

The perfect accent to any outfit, that will blend in your brown or black hair but will pop if you're blonde.

Their discreet but powerful presence will complement the shape of your face adding quality to your look and will match any outfit.

Black lava is thought to foster stability through times of change and give strength and courage. How about wearing these when asking for a promotion?

They even got a feature in this awesome 2021 Gift Guide. We completely agree with the review-infuse this lava with some essential oils for instant aromatherapy! 

Tap into the Goddess within and keep your look sophisticated with an elevated edge.

Here's what to expect:

  • Can be the focal point of any look
  • Will make an impact even if worn on their own
  • Will match many if not all of your looks and give them a sophisticated and elevated edge
  • A piece of Greece on you

Made by hand in Dallas TX out of

  • Gold-tone hardware
  • Black lava beads
  • Goddess amulets on both
  • Elements and beads coming from Greece

Please note:

  • This is NOT a product intended for children use
  • Use it only where and as intended
  • Plated elements may lose their plating if mistreated
  • Follow our care instructions