EROS Earrings
EROS Earrings

EROS Earrings

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Sexy, versatile and light this pair of earrings in one you'll love to wear and gift to yourself or to others.

Writing "EROS", the ancient Greek word that describes the feeling of falling in love, this is a stylish and edgy addition that will uplift any outfit! Get them asking and coming closer to read...and smell your hair ;)

It comes in white and black-your choice!

One caveat: If you're rough on your jewelry this one is not for you. It is delicate and rather sensitive to mishandling :).


What it's made of:

  • Gold tone glass seed beads 
  • Letter beads
  • Gold plated nickel free hardware
  • Vegal suede tassels
  • Almost all elements sourced in Greece.

Please note:

  • Gold color on letter beads and seed beads will flake off with time, especially if care instructions are not followed. However, the letters are engraved and you will be able to read them.
  • The gold plating on thhe hardware may in time develop a patina but this will make it even more edgy and beautiful.
  • This is not a product for kids and can pose a danger so please keep away from the reach of children.
  • Do not put this product in your mouth or use it for other than its intended reason.
  • Please handle with care, this is a sensitive product.
  • Please follow our care instructions.


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