Black Pebbles On Brown Leaves Bracelet
Black Pebbles On Brown Leaves Bracelet

Black Pebbles On Brown Leaves Bracelet

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Are you looking for an evergreen bracelet in brown and black tones to spice up your look with a quality touch? Congrats! You've found it.

Meet Black Pebbles On Brown Leaves-our branded bracelet with golden accents, matte black onyx, and brown horn. 

Inspired by the colors of autumn and that image of throwing black pebbles on crispy brown leaves. Close your eyes and imagine walking in a forest in autumn, the sound of leaves under your feet, the soft mist on your skin, and the smell of nature filling your lungs. Throw your black pebbles to find your way back home...

Tap into the Goddess within just by looking at its Goddess amulet and keep your look fresh with a spicy Grecian edge brought by that ancient Greece inspired gold plated focal element, coming for you all the way from Greece.

Here's what to expect:

  • Can be the focal point of any black or brown stack
  • Will make an impact on your look even if worn on its own
  • Will match many if not all of your looks and give them a fashionable edge
  • A piece of Greece on your wrist

Made by hand in Dallas TX out of

  • Handpicked stones 
  • Matte Black Onyx
  • Horn discs
  • Gold plated metal elements and from Greece
  • Ancient Greece inspired focal element
  • Branded Next Door Goddess amulet tag

Please note:

  • This is NOT a product intended for children use
  • Use it only where and as intended
  • Color-treated stones may change in color
  • Stones on your bracelet may have a slightly different color than the one on display
  • Follow our care instructions