Girl wearing a white off-shoulder blouse and a turquoise, white and yellow Next Door Goddess necklace is looking at her reflection on a glass.

Hey there Goddess!

Nice to have you here!

Have you ever had a moment that would impact your future in a powerful way, yet you never realized it until many years after, when that impact manifested itself?

I'm Vicky, the creative force behind Next Door Goddess a brand that is here to revive and awaken your inner Goddess with limited edition handmade statement jewelry. I would love to share the story of my impactful moment with you-I believe there's something in there for you, too.

Indeed, the seed that would become this brand was planted in my heart many years ago, in my hometown Thessaloniki in the North of the sunny land of Greece-my home country. Back then I was not a "jewelry person" as my 5-year old son describes me now. Instead, I was in my first year of training in Family Medicine. 

I remember it all like it was yesterday.

It was a cold rainy day towards the end of October of 2005 in my hometown, Thessaloniki, in Greece, when I was asked to speak in public for the first time. I was a first year trainee and I was supposed to give a lecture to Family Physician residents and specialists. I remember every insecurity I didn’t even know I had, kicking in. I was sitting on the black leather couch of my uncle, who has also been one of my lifelong mentors, begging him to spare me of this. “I can’t do this. How will I pull this off? I don’t want to speak in public. I am too…”.

“Silence, girl.” He said. “I know you believe, so let this sit with you. Jesus said, do not put the lamp under the table. Why are you hiding your light under the table? Who gave you the right to do that?”

Silence so thick you could cut it with a knife fell into the room as I was slowly starting to understand what I was doing to myself. I was shrinking, deliberately. I was playing small, while inside me a little voice was saying "you deserve more". 

Taking that first step, accepting the invitation, was scary. I would make some steps forward and others back but I was slowly building my confidence-and my speech-as the big day was coming.

Then, something weird happened.

On the day of the event, all I could think about was my looks.

What will I wear? How will I look like? That morning, as I was trying different clothes on, I picked an outfit that was nothing like the usual. You would say it was a bit "extra" but it made me feel empowered and gorgeous. When I put on my favorite necklace-I knew it. I was going to rock the stage.

And that’s exactly what I did.

All equipment failed last minute, no power point to anchor my thoughts but I was feeling so empowered that I delivered by heart one of the best lectures I have given to this day- and by far my favorite one.

That evening, I found out I actually love being on stage. But I also found out the power of clothes and accessories when they transform the way you look and empower you to step up in confidence in the blink of an eye.

Years down the line, that discovery stayed with me, leading me to turn my lifelong passion of designing jewelry into a company, devoted to helping women like me and you look and feel at our best, so that we can stop comparing ourselves and feeling “less than.”

I believe that within each and every one of us lies a Goddess and my brand is here to revive and awaken her, because every single woman deserves to feel phenomenal JUST as she is.

My designs will help you transform the way you look so that you can step up with confidence and do amazing things.

I would love it if you would take a look at our jewelry, pick your favorite and make yourself a gift to get started on your path of becoming unforgettable.

Above all,

Sparkle and Shine, Luv




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